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Yukon Arts ED-Venture – The “HOW” to the New Curriculum Redesign Vision

Yukon Arts ED-Venture – The “HOW” to the New Curriculum Redesign Vision

Yukon Arts Ed-Ventures focuses on the learning needs of the students by assisting teachers in developing and delivering relevant curriculum learning outcomes that is reflective and responsive to our Yukon learners, cultures and languages.  Artists work with teachers on an individual basis to develop rich cultural materials and experiences to ensure that learners are meeting curriculum-learning outcomes.  Together they are helping students as they develop the knowledge and skills for successful 21st century citizenship.

Yukon Arts Ed-Venture (YAED) brings MAD into the elementary schools. Music, Art and Drama are used by Artists to engage students in learning; the sessions develop and enhance critical and analytical skills for each learner.  Using art to deliver curriculum provides teachers with tools to ensure the students’ physical health and well-being, social competence, emotional maturity, cognitive development and communication skills are being addressed. 

The success of the learner is at the heart of the Philosophy of Yukon Arts Ed-Venture.

YAED is funded by the Department of Education.

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Rhoda Merkell



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