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Wet Felting with Cai Krikorian

Wet Felting Projects include felted flat pieces, birds nests, planets, or layers of the Earth. For older students, projects may require more time to allow for students to create detailed projects.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

4-6 students at a time

Time Required:

3 hours for a group of 18 + 1 hour of prep time

Material Required:

Artist will supply

Material Cost:

$10 per child for raw wool (approx.) Cost will depend on the project.

Language of Instruction:




Cai Krikorian

Cai Krikorian (M.Ed) is an experienced felter who has worked with preschool and school aged children in Whitehorse and Haines Junction. She started exploring wet felting through her work as leader of Chickadees Playschool, and has done simple flat pictures, felting rocks, felted bird nests with young children. Through AIS Cai has done felted globes, Yukon Birds, and local landscapes. She also specializes in needle felting on clothing.

In her own work Cai has created gloves, slippers, and larger wall hangings.

Cai enjoys connecting felting projects with curriculum outcomes. Send her an idea of what you are covering in the curriculum and most likely she can turn it into a felting project.

Contact: 867 689 2370


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