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Script Writing and Play Creation with David Skelton

Students learn how written dialogue and staging express character, narrative and themes. Ideally, when a student creates their own script they will gain insight to other plays (i.e. Shakespeare) being taught in the curriculum. The program works to nurture respect for and collaboration with others and nurtures student creativity.

Class 1-Introduction: Performance group building warm ups such as Hot Seat, Name Game, Room Change and Shape Shifter.
-Discussion around: What’s a script? What’s it made up of? What to write about? What is important to you!

Class 2- Begin writing script on own or with partners: Where is the play happening? Who are the characters? What do they want? What are they doing? What is the conflict?

Class 3-Continue to write script and refine detail.

Class 4-Rehearsal: How do characters speak, walk etc.? How to use the space to perform?

Class 5-Rehearsal

Class 6-Performance for class


Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

24 students

Time Required:

5-6 sessions for students to write, rehearse and perform their own script.

Material Required:

Students will need computers to write their scripts on

Language of Instruction:



Whitehorse, Dawson

David Skelton

David received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Design from the University of Alberta in 1987. Since then he has designed, written, directed, produced, presented, dramaturged and developed 200+ shows throughout western and central Canada. He has been nominated for and won Sterling and Dora awards in Edmonton and Toronto respectively. David became Artistic Director of Nakai Theatre in Whitehorse, Yukon in 2006, where he has focused the company on the development of theatre that explores unconventional performance and isolated northern culture with contemporary global influences.

Contact: 867-336-1174


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