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Printmaking and Stenciling with Found Objects!

This is a two hour class for children Grades 3 to 7. The children are shown several simple stamping, stenciling and rubbing techniques used to transfer images onto construction paper.  It will help children see beauty and shape in everyday objects.

The children are invited to bring found objects with interesting shapes and textures to school. Netted fruit bags, egg & food cartons, old lace, old hardware, bottle caps, feathers, used tooth brushes and any interesting object that the child wishes to bring as long as it isn’t soiled or sharp.

1. Some objects such as the netting and lace can be used as stencils using tempera paint.

2. Some objects can be used to make rubbings using crayons.

3. Other interesting shaped objects such as hardware or old jewelry can be used as negative space stencils.

4. Other objects such as empty cartons can be painted and then pressed onto the paper.

The Children will finish with a completed multi -media print.


Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

Class size.

Time Required:

1 hour

Material Required:

Colored construction paper approximately 2’ x 2’ 6”, wax crayons, tempera paint, paper cups and plates to put paint on, paint brushes and used toothbrushes.

Language of Instruction:





I am available all of November, December and from February 10th through until June.


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