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Printmaking – Collagraphs with Meshell Melvin

This printmaking process is often referred to as a texture print. Arranging and gluing a collection of small flat objects onto a board create the printing block. The image, made up of a myriad of small things (seeds, beans, buttons burlap, lace, foil, tissue, pasta etc.) will need a number of days to dry before being printed. To print the blocks, acrylic paint is applied with a brush, and rice paper works best to print onto.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

25 students

Time Required:

2 sessions, 1-2 hours each

Material Required:

Lots of glue, hard flat surfaces, and lots of small things, acrylic paint, brushes, pallets and rice paper

Material Cost:

Artist will supply materials at a cost of $1-2/student

Language of Instruction:




Special Notes:

This program requires extensive prep time. For each hour of instruction, 1/4 hour of prep time will be added. This program is available throughout the year and may be part of an extended printmaking project.

Meshell Melvin

Meshell Melvin began her creative career in London, Ontario where she received a combined honors degree in English and Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario in 1989. In 1997, while still at school, Meshell began teaching art classes for children of all ages and has continued this practice throughout her career. She has an enthusiasm and passion for teaching that parallels her devotion to her own work. Meshell moved to Whitehorse with her two boys after spending ten years of her practice in Atlin, B.C. There she ran Dragon Studio, her gallery and workspace. Meshell has been exhibiting in Whitehorse since 1995. Her work has been featured in newspaper, on CBC radio and television, and in Out of Service magazine.

Contact: 867-393-4696


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