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Needle felting on Fleece Clothing Cai Krikorian

For this project students will bring in a solid colour fleece jacket or pull over. They will create their own designs and then needle felt their design onto their own fleece clothing.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

4-6 students at a time

Time Required:

2 hours. Minimal prep time required.

Material Required:

Artist will supply

Material Cost:

$10 per child for raw wool and needles.

Language of Instruction:




Cai Krikorian

I am a self-taught felter. I started exploring wet felting with my preschool class, doing simple flat pictures, felting rocks, felted bird nests. I moved into making gloves, slippers, and larger wall hangings (not with students). I worked with my spouse’s grade two class making felted globes, which was such a success that I am doing the project again this year.
I am an experienced teacher, teaching grade 1 in Alberta. Send me an idea of what you are covering in the curriculum and most likely we can turn it into a felting project.

Contact: 867 456 7189


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