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Musical Chair Drawing Collaborations with Michel Gignac

This is a great program for helping students learn the benefits and beauty of collaboration. The class starts with everyone sitting in a circle, with piece of paper in front of them and a variety of drawing utensils. Students can draw whatever they want for five minutes while music plays. When the music stops each one will move one seat over and begin drawing around or over what the last person has drawn.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

Class size

Time Required:

2 hours

Material Required:

Various drawing implements, paper, music playing device

Material Cost:

$2 per student (if the funds are available, more varied drawing implements can be purchased)

Language of Instruction:

French and English



Michel Gignac

Michel Gignac is a bilingual, contemporary, multi-disciplinary artist. Following his passion for visual arts, Michel moved to Calgary in 2008 to attend the Alberta College of Art & Design. In 2012, he graduated with Distinction from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Sculpture. Michel has shown work locally, nationally and internationally.

Contact: (867) 334-2404


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