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“Music is a Game” Body-Rhythm-Ear-Voice with Olivier de Colombel

This program is focused around how to learn music with fun and challenging games and is suitable for all school age children. My pedagogy is based on B.R.E.V. (Body-Rhythm-Ear-Voice) and those components are part of the game. I can also introduce specific ear-training programs on computer or apps on portable devices (smartphones and tablets), so students can keep playing and practising after the session. This allows them to continue to improve their skills while playing music games, because … “Music is a game”. If time allows (a few hours in the day, or 2 days in a row) there is the possibility of bringing in my portable studio and doing a demo recording with the students.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

15-20 students

Time Required:

80 minutes (50 minutes lesson + 30 minutes preparation of the room and instruments), can also be extended to a two-hour workshop, or spread out over a couple of days. The prep time is usually 30 minutes.

Material Required:

If the school has instruments, I’d like to know what is available and how many of each instrument they have. Knowing that, I can adapt, bring what I need, and create a session with what we have.

Language of Instruction:

French or English



Olivier de Colombel

Olivier de Colombel started playing the saxophone at 11 years old in the south of France. After classical studies, he turned his interests towards jazz, composition, arrangement, improvisation and studied at the Conservatoire du 9ème arrondissement in Paris. Influenced by music styles such as classical, Indian, blues and folk, he also plays an assortment of wind instruments and the guitar. After playing for 12 years with different bands in Paris, and studying musical therapy at the Université Rene Descartes Paris V, in 2014 he moved to the Yukon looking for new musical and artistic adventures. He is now teaching music theory, saxophone, French language, and organizes music workshops at École Émilie Tremblay, the Francophone school here in Whitehorse.

Contact: 867-333-2338


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