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Making hand prints on a tile with Monika Kaete Steputh

Students will have the satisfaction of planning, creating and completing their own individually designed hand print tile. They will learn some basic skills of working with clay and the process of painting on the finishing glaze. The tile will be dishwasher safe with a lead free glaze. The hand print project can easily be extended into a school project by using them to creating a design on an existing wall or by making a sculpture out of the work.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

20 students

Time Required:

2 hours (ideally it would be great to have another 2 hours at the school to cover travel expenses)

Material Required:

Artist will supply clay and glazes at cost

Material Cost:

Approximately $8-10 per student, depending on the class size

Language of Instruction:

German or English



Special Notes:

This program requires extensive prep time: For each hour of instruction, ½ hour of prep time will be added.

Monika Kaete Steputh

Monika loves to create ceramics that reflect the impressions of her journeys. The places that inspire her are majestic landscapes, like the Yukon; intense experiences like hiking through the wilderness of Siberia or being immersed into the ocean in a sea kayak. “… to feel at home and safe within myself where ever I am, continues to be my quest. Through this wisdom I’ve got the trust that out of my hands a piece of ceramic will grow, that inherently shows its beauty and liveliness.”

Contact: 867-333-2611


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