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Your Idea with Gorellaume Riocreux

Are you a teacher and have an art idea but don’t know how to turn it into reality? Or you would like to work on a subject but have no clue of what type of workshop could be done? Let’s talk about it!  Gorellaume is available for any type of project you might have in mind.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

15 students

Time Required:

Dependant on project.

Material Required:

To be determined with the school.

Material Cost:

To be determined by project and class size.

Language of Instruction:

French preferred, English



Special Notes:

This program could be run all through the year and /or a longer version delivered, depending on the project.

Gorellaume Riocreux

Guillaume is a French artist born in 1978. He graduated from art school in Strasbourg, earned his teaching certification and then worked for 10 years as an art teacher in Paris, while also pursuing his artistic career.
Figurative drawing is the foundation of his work, which he applies to different mediums such as ink drawing, watercolors, murals, stenciling, bone carving, and tattooing. His firm anchoring in figurative drawing has allowed him to branch out into various projects. He enjoys trying new techniques and mediums and finds that each one informs and develops the others. He has produced artwork for several record labels and has also participated in independent music shows as well as art exhibitions, done live painting events, and shown his work in a variety of contexts which has allowed him to take his practice in unexpected and new directions.

Contact: (867) 334-1945


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