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Introduction to Creative Writing with Patti Flather

Students will explore together with the instructor the multitude of sources where our stories come from and the many forms they may appear in. They will be guided through simple warm-up writing and other easy-to-follow writing exercises designed to get them started and discover their own written voice and hone their descriptive skills in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Among areas to explore, dependent on student age, are character sketches, descriptive passages with favourite settings or objects, and short narrative scenes. More time allows building student confidence and comfort level with the creative process.

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Paper, pen and pencils supplied by school

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Whitehorse, Old Crow


January - June

Patti Flather

Patti Flather is a theatre artist, educator and award-winning writer of plays, fiction and screenplays who has lived in the Yukon for more than two decades. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of B.C. Patti has taught Dramatic and Creative Writing at Yukon College, and led writing/theatre creation workshops for diverse artists with and without disabilities. Patti also has worked with young people in Yukon Arts Ed-Venture, and spent many years as a youth soccer coach.

Patti is Co-Artistic Director of Gwaandak Theatre, which develops and produces theatre showcasing Aboriginal and northern voices. Her plays including SIXTY BELOW and WEST EDMONTON MALL have been produced in the North and across Canada; her play WHERE THE RIVER MEETS THE SEA won the 2005 Canadian National Playwriting Competition. She also wrote the short Yukon film GETTING REAL and her fiction is published in various literary magazines.

Contact: 867-334-6247


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