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Indigenous Theatre Arts with Doris John

Students will learn an Athabaskan song, dance, chant or experience traditional storytelling accompanied by a skin drum. Schools can arrange to have Doris bring in a drum maker to facilitate a workshop so that each student can make their own skin drum.

Grade Suitability:

K-7, Secondary ILC

Maximum Class Size:

K-7 maximum 10, Secondary ILC one on one only

Time Required:

Regularly scheduled class time for everything accept drum making. More class time and some prep time is required for coordinating and facilitating drum making and extended projects.

Material Required:

Doris will provide her own skin drum.

Material Cost:

Should the school request a drum making workshop for the students the materials used will be based on time available, budget, age and ability of students.

Language of Instruction:

English and Athabaskan Upper Tanana Scotty Creek Dialect (White River First Nation)




September - June

Special Notes:

A longer version of the program is available upon request.

Doris John

Doris John is a trained YNLP language teacher with 9 years experience at Nelnah Bessie John School in Beaver Creek. She completed the Centre for Indigenous Theatre Certificate Program at the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, AB in 2014. Doris is a traditional singer, dancer and storyteller. She is enthusiastic about teaching the Athabascan song, dance, chants and traditional stories handed down to her by past generations.

Contact: 867-336-1817


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