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Hula Hoop Dancing with Emmalee Agnew

This class amalgamates hula hooping, dance and music to explore upper and lower body movements with a prop. Each student will be equipped with a hula hoop and learn how to manipulate the hoop both on and off their body. Hoopers will begin by learning the basics of stance, rotation, and hand positioning, although may advance to learn tricks from their head to their toes. Hula hoop dancing allows everyone to progress at their own pace and focus on their individual movement and rhythm. These playful and fun moves with the hoop will eventually lead to sequential flow and dancing to the music naturally.
Check out this video from the Ellen show for a demonstration of hula hoop dancing…start video at 50 seconds.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

20 students

Time Required:

1-1½ hour (multiple classes to learn new/advanced tricks)

Material Required:

Electrical outlet & gymnasium

Language of Instruction:




Emmalee Agnew

Emmalee is a passionate certified teacher who also enjoys instructing hula hoop dancing. Her love for hooping began over 5 years ago at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She has since brought her skills and enthusiasm to the Yukon and teaches hula hoop dance classes at the Canada Games Centre. All her hoops are constructed and decorated by herself in various colours and sizes. Keep an eye out and you might just see her colourful hoops at summer festivals or at shipyards park with friends.

Contact: 807-707-2423


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