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Group Choral Blending and Breathing with Jillian Durham

This program is for high school age students, and will be designed to meet the needs of each group. The program can be a one-time session of 1 hour, or an ongoing progression with 2 hours of instruction time per week throughout the school year. Prep time will depend on the needs of the class. I have already prepped a number of exercises to use as an introduction and to determine the level of the choral group.  If the class is already working on specific music, I will help refine what they are doing with that music, or I can work with the teacher to help develop repertoire to best showcase the choral group.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

30 students

Time Required:

1 hour (one-time session) 2 hours (ongoing instruction time per week)

Material Required:

Piano/keyboard and sound system preferred but not necessary.

Material Cost:


Language of Instruction:





Tuesday & Thursday mornings

Jillian Durham

Jillian has a BMus from Mount Allison University and has taught classical piano for more than 15 years. She is currently the music coordinator for the Heart of Riverdale School of Music program, and also teaches theory and music history at the school. Jillian has been a Leading Lady for the Frantic Follies as well as the House Manager. She will also be the accompanist and vocal coach for the Cafe de Voix in the upcoming season.  Jillian has been a substitute teacher in the Whitehorse school system, as well as a full time educational assistant. A graduate of the first 9/10 MAD class, Jillian studied music theatre in high school in Whitehorse, and continued her music theatre training in university, including being the musical director of two major productions involving youth.

Contact: 867-335-0983


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