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Foundations in Classical Drawing Techniques with Chris Caldwell

Developing classical realism skills in fine art, illustration, graphic art and cartooning
This course is designed to augment regular art class curriculum. Students will learn drawing execution techniques on paper in their preferred themes, subjects and individual styles.  The instructors’ practical experience, skills, techniques and interests span all genres from Michelangelo to Matt Groening allowing relevant assistance to the individual students in their personal exploration of preferred themes and techniques to help students hone their existing skills while following their desired inspirations.
Each student will receive personal instruction to their specific needs and abilities while sharing with the class thus allowing a variety of techniques to be instructed in practice with co-demonstration both by the instructor and students.
Examples of student’s previous artworks are required for the instructor’s review to establish a starting point for assessing skills development within the class.

Topics of study:
Anatomy: animal / human / mechanical structure, musculature and movement
Environment: settings and scenery
Composition: concept, theme, layout, research and development
Perspective: movement, depth of field, dimensions and weight
Light and Shadow: subject lighting, light angles and refraction
Surface texturing: fur, steel, glass, etc
Black line techniques: line weight, cross-hatching, texturing and pointillism

Topics for discussion: subject research, art history, modern media, trends and fashions, demographics, traditional and digital art, practical application of art skills to career directions, art and business, publishing and protection of intellectual property.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

30 students

Time Required:

2 classes per week, standard class duration, over a period of 12-16 weeks (dependent on student’s acumen)

Material Required:

Materials Required: (school to supply) HB2 and B1 pencils, black ink markers (fine line, non-permanent) Papermate Flair medium tip recommended, Steadtler Mars plastic eraser, Inkjet paper 8.5 x 11- 96 brightness, 24 lb or Bristol paper (vellum and/or plate finish) Classroom Equipment: whiteboard and black markers, tables suitable for multiple students to work at simultaneously, rotary pencil sharpeners, computer and projection screen with Internet access (optional)

Language of Instruction:





Second semester / February 2017

Special Notes:

This program requires extensive prep time and travel from rural Whitehorse. For each hour of instruction ½ hour of prep time will be added.

Chris Caldwell

Chris Caldwell is a self-taught artist and creator of cartoons, illustrations and paintings celebrating Yukon lifestyles and histories.  Owner/operator of C. Caldwell Productions, Chris has been practicing professionally in the Yukon for nearly 40 years.
Chris began her career as a pre-teen; illustrating newsletters, designing signage, publishing school fundraising products and writing and illustrating hand-made books for young readers. She began teaching at age 15 for the White Rock Handicapped Centre on a drop in basis and taught professionally for Ocean Park Recreation at age 18 while attending University of British Columbia for her bachelor of education.  Unable to afford tuition to complete her degree, Chris moved to the Yukon with her family to establish a career in commercial art services while raising her children in a frontier lifestyle.

Contact: 733-5164


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