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Chewed Paper (papier mâché) Sculptures with Michel Gignac

Students will be given demonstrations on how to work with papier mâché and will then be set loose to create - collaboratively or individually. I will guide them in the development of their sculptures and will assist with forming the frame, whether it’s chickenwire, a balloon or cardboard, and will supply finishing accessories.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

Class size

Time Required:

2 hours + 2 hours to paint and finish

Material Required:

Newspaper, flour, bowls, cardboard, duct tape, balloons, chicken wire hot glue gun (optional), finishing accessories (eyes, feathers, etc.), paint and brushes.

Material Cost:

$2 per student

Language of Instruction:

French or English



Michel Gignac

Michel Gignac is a bilingual, contemporary, multi-disciplinary artist. Following his passion for visual arts, Michel moved to Calgary in 2008 to attend the Alberta College of Art & Design. In 2012, he graduated with Distinction from the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Sculpture. Michel has shown work locally, nationally and internationally.

Contact: (867) 334-2404


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