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School Wide Acrylic or Water Colour Painting and Art Show with Susan

A meaningful theme will be chosen by the school and which medium they would prefer; acrylic or water colour.  Each student will create a painting on canvas or water colour paper. Susan inspires the students to develop a sketch or if the school chooses water colour, they start by creating a water colour sampler with 6 techniques. The focus is on self expression through drawing and painting. The workshops are followed by a school wide art show displayed on black table cloths. A great experience for the students and teachers to share their painting accomplishments with their invited guests.

Susan would need three or four sessions with each class and also a school wide presentation where Susan introduces herself to the teachers and students and shares with them what it means to be a professional artist with lots of visual samples.

1. Susan visits each class inspiring theme images and hands on drawing skills, illustration, shading with high-quality pencil crayons. If the school chooses the medium of watercolour the first session would be to create a watercolour sample of six techniques.
2. In the second class, the subject of the painting is further individually developed, drawn and coloured.
3. The painting workshop! A room such as a multi-purpose room would be needed for set up. This session the students come to this room to paint their wonderful images. They first transfer their sketch onto the canvas with charcoal (burnt willow) then proceed to use acrylic paint. If water colour is chosen they would draw into their watercolour with high quality pencil crayons or water soluble crayons.

School Wide Art Show
Often the evening Art Show is held with another school event such as talent show, choir, Community Night or Cultural Event. Many times the paintings are sold in silent auction - it is a fun, exciting event! The students are very proud of their work. The project can also be a fundraiser for the school. Printing art cards of their work to sell is also a popular option!

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:


Time Required:

28 hours

Material Required:

Artist will supply: artist charcoal, acrylic paints, brushes, palettes, deluxe pencil crayons, table protection and black cloths for final art show to display paintings on.

Material Cost:

Susan will purchase the canvases and be reimbursed upon present receipt approx. $1.50 per student. No charge for set up and attending art show that’s just way too much fun!

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September to May

Susan McCallum

Susan McCallum is a professional award winning artist, illustrator, who develops and facilitates art workshops including “Brush Strokes with Susan”.  Susan has illustrated Yukon First Nations Curriculum and on line educational Native Language websites and children’s books as well as creating original paintings.  Susan encourages self expression through drawing and painting. She ignites creativity with K’s through to High School students, enjoys working with the Alternate schools and First Nations Education. Most of the art projects have a theme. For instance - generosity, the environment, salmon or First Nations. 
Some comments from teachers…” This is like a painting spa!”.... ”Outstanding artist and teacher …great class control… inspiring!”

Contact: 604 430 1355


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