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Bogolan t-shirts with Ssasi

Students will render a design on their t-shirts with mud (imported from Mali, West Africa) – by painting it on with hands or through the use of stencils. Their 100% cotton white or pale coloured t-shirts must be provided a week in advance in order for a traditional (and organic) pre-treatment made from steeped leaves to be applied. After the class has completed applying the mud the t-shirts will be taken home by Ssasi and returned washed (to remove the mud) and dried. This can be the following day or arrangements can be made to wash them at the school.

Grade Suitability:


Maximum Class Size:

Class size

Time Required:

1hour class time plus 1 hour prep time for washing and drying after class

Material Required:

T-shirts to be provided by the school.

Material Cost:

Mali mud and pre-treatment to be provided by Sassi at $5 per student

Language of Instruction:

Ssasi speaks French but can work with the students in English.



“Ssasi” Mahamadou Sangaré

I am from Mali, West Africa. I am a singer/composer, play the bamboo flute, djembe drum and some guitar. I know several traditional dances from Mali, Africa. I create fabric art known as bogolan, or mud cloth. This works well for either wall hangings or t-shirts.

Contact: 867-334-5960 (French) 867-335-1787 (English)


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