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100 Dresses Residency/Encaustic Workshop with Nicole Bauberger

It takes Nicole about 2 weeks to paint her own 100 Dresses. If she could have weekend access to the school, Nicole could be in your school for 10 school days, or maybe a little more, and ideally the residency would culminate in a show of her paintings as well as those painted by the students. The Artists in Schools program would only be charged for the time she spend actually teaching students, but students could come and talk with her and observe an artist creating an art project in their own school.
Ideally, students would come and paint with her, and between them paint a second 100 Dresses of their own. Educators find this artwork useful for teaching inference as a literacy strategy.
Nicole would also be well placed to offer other visual art, creative writing and storytelling programming if that would suit your needs.

Grade Suitability:

Grade 1 and up

Maximum Class Size:

Four students at a time is easy, but if Nicole had more space and electrical access she could have up to 12 at a time, or even 15 if an extra frying pan was available.

Time Required:

To be determined.

Material Required:

The artist will provide.

Material Cost:

Guest dresses would be $5 each, which includes an extra board to try out the medium before painting the dress itself. This will depend on the length of the workshop and the per capita use of materials.

Language of Instruction:

Nicole can teach in English and French. She describes her French as adequate but not perfect.




Mon-Weds, Oct-Dec; Early Feb-March 2; May - June 5

Special Notes:

Nicole has also done encaustic murals with students in the past.

Nicole Bauberger

Nicole Bauberger is a storyteller, painter, writer and arts educator. She educated herself through collaborations and apprenticeships with other artists and loves to bring the advantages of these unique learning opportunities to schools, continuing to learn from the collaborative adventures undertaken with students. She has taught art both at the University level as well as to five year olds. For four years she created murals with students in Ontario High Schools through the Ontario Artists in Education Program. Her work can often be seen at Arts Underground and the Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery.

Contact: 867-668-1577


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