Marie-Hélène Comeau

Marie-Hélène Comeau

Marie-Hélène Comeau is a Yukon visual artist currently enrolled in a Ph.D program at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her doctoral study utilizes art workshops to express and think about northern French identity. Since 2013, she has been the Yukon Program Director and Facilitator of the International Art Project, Caravane des Dix Mots. Every year, 10 French words are officially chosen and given to artists from all around the world so they can engage their French community in art projects. In the Yukon, the focus for 2015 was Land Art through painting, origami, video and mobile art exhibition.

Marie-Hélène has been involved with Artist in the School program for many years.

Artist is available for Sky is the Limit Projects




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Courses offered by this Artist

  1. Art projects with Marie-Hélène Comeau - Land Art or Earth Art
  2. Art projects with Marie-Hélène Comeau - Painting
  3. Art projects with Marie-Hélène Comeau - Printing


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