Cass Collins

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Cathleen (aka Cass) is an artist and graphic designer from northern Canada. She grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon and then moved down to B.C. for several years where she studied illustration and design at Capilano University (North Vancouver). Since receiving her diploma she’s moved back to her hometown, happily creating artwork and doing freelance design work. Cass's paintings have a graphic look and strong design sense. Her preferred medium is acrylics, and she will sometimes incorporate mixed media and collage into her works. Cass’s most recent paintings are a series of night skies and constellations, created with watercolour and ink. You can see more of Cass's work by visiting her website, Etsy shop or Facebook page.

Artist is available for Sky is the Limit Projects




Courses offered by this Artist

  1. Bold, Beautiful Wildlife Paintings with Cass Collins
  2. Fine Art Cards - Professionally Printed with Cass Collins
  3. Robins and Nests – Spring Bird Paintings with Cass Collins
  4. Under the Night Sky Landscape Paintings with Cass Collins
  5. Whimsical Snowfolk Collage with Cass Collins
  6. Wish You Were Here! Yukon Postcards - Professionally printed with Cass Collins


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