Ali Khodakarami

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I have been in an experiment with visual arts for about 18 years. I’ve always used art as an element to crystallize my thoughts, as a healthy escape from unfortunate realities, to meditate, etc. Art has been a motivating factor to study more, gain ideas and perspectives from different individuals and different times, and to earn the inspiration it takes to create a body of work. My start came through calligraphy and drawing. Later I was exposed to different mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, spray paint (murals), wood and clay. What art has brought to me is a gift and I would like to express my appreciation through sharing with children of all ages - the good its done for me will live on through generations. What better than a mural to start with?

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Courses offered by this Artist

  1. Learning Through Designs - Paint a Mural with Ali Khodakarami


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